What is Post Cycle Therapy? Why do you need PCT?

What is Post Cycle Therapy? Why do you need PCT?

What is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)?

Post Cycle Therapy is a treatment that uses measures designed to return the body to normal after the completion of steroid or hormone use. In most cases, consumption of muscle building supplements does not necessarily improve health, which is why post cycle therapy is recommended by bodybuilders and experts.

Why do you need Post Cycle Therapy? (PCT)

Hormone therapy provides the body with large amounts of testosterone, so the body is signaled to reduce or even reset the body’s own testosterone production. If intake is now reduced and discontinued within a few days, it is possible that the body will no longer be able to return to normal on its own. This is where something called Post Cycle Therapy comes into play. With high-quality active ingredients, it serves to normalize the body’s own testosterone production, improve libido and optimize organ function.

What’s in PCT products?

PCT products often contain in their plant-based compositions effective active ingredients for testosterone production, libido, organ protection, antiestrogens (aromatase inhibitors) and prolactin inhibitors, which restore the body to its normal state after stressful treatments. Testosterone production is particularly important because the strong increase in free testosterone reduces self-production.

Do PCT products have side effects?

PCT products have no side effects, so they are also used as PCT. After all, it would be pointless for Post Cycle Therapy to compensate for the side effects of a cycle with its own side effects. PCT products prevent and reduce the side effects of muscle building regimens.

Who is Post Cycle Therapy recommended for?

Post & On Cycle Therapy is always recommended for anyone planning or wanting a muscle building regimen with prohormones or other muscle building supplements. As a rule, you should always buy PCT together with treatment products so that in extreme cases (e.g., debiting treatment due to side effects) you have PCT on hand. This is the case with incompatibilities.

Benefits of Post & on Cycle Therapy:

  • Comprehensive care after muscle building treatment
  • Increases the body’s own testosterone therapy
  • Reduces high estrogen levels
  • Optimizes organ function
  • Mostly plant-based

What Are the Best Types of PCT?

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