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Steorids Syringes & Accessories

Pill Separator

It has names such as pill separator, pill cutter tablet, pill medicine box, pill box with blade guard. Suitable for different tablet shapes. Multifunctional – Cut the pills with a sharp knife for proper dosage and use your pills by putting them in this box. Healthy – Made of high-quality material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless. There is a pill stabilizer in the box, which can easily fix the pills in the right place for easy cutting.

Insulin Syringes & Pens

Insulin is self-administered by most diabetic patients. However, the basic requirement for this is that they are properly trained before self-injecting, because too high or too low a dose of insulin can be life-threatening. Although many patients are initially afraid of the injection, injecting insulin on their own means a large part of their quality of life, which is why insulin therapy should be carried out independently as early as possible. The insulin is usually given with syringes. These insulin syringes have a very thin needle so that the injection is as quick and gentle as possible.

How to Use the Syringe Correctly?

  • Wash your hands. Choose a spot for the needle from any part of your body. Clean the planned puncture site with an alcohol wipe or soap and water. Sit or lie down comfortably and comfortably. You should still be able to see the puncture site.
  • Take the syringe and remove the protective cap.
  • Please do not wipe off the drop on the tip of the needle, just shake it off!
  • The air bubble in the pre-filled syringe must not be removed!
  • On the cleaned area, pinch a fold of skin between your thumb and forefinger and hold it until the injection needle is removed

In this way, you can use your syringe easily and accurately. Don’t forget to consult an expert though.