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Sexual Aid Steroids

Sexual aid steroids are produced from the male hormone testosterone. They can also aid muscle gain if exercised.

Steroids for Sexual Aid

Steroids are available in pill or injectable liquid form. It should never be injected into a vein as it can be fatal. They are also used for stacking when you combine different types of steroids to increase their effects.

How Do Steroids Affect Libido?

Libido is a term commonly used to describe sex drive or the desire for sexual activity. Libido is a state manifested in the desire to engage in sexual behavior.

If libido is affected by testosterone levels, steroids also have an impact. Because steroids contain androgenic hormones. In general, the more testosterone in the body, the higher the libido.

As men get older, it’s natural to have lower testosterone levels. This is why many men over 40 choose steroids to increase libido.

Overuse of anabolic steroids for sexual aid can causing decreased sperm count, damaged sperm, erectile dysfunction, baldness, and infertility.

Before taking any steroids supplement, it is highly recommended to consult a doctor to ensure healthy use that does not do more harm than good.

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