How to accelerate muscle growth?

How to Accelerate Muscle Growth?

How to accelerate muscle growth?

How to accelerate muscle growth – for a budding bodybuilder this is the most interesting question. But in order to know the answer to this question, you need to know some characteristics of muscle growth. Only then will it be possible to speed up the process.

The effect of testosterone on muscle growth

One of the most important factors affecting muscle mass growth is testosterone. Rather not himself, but the ability of his body to produce. Testosterone is a hormone that performs a number of functions in the human body. First, thanks to testosterone, male sex characteristics develop. This is the growth of hair on the body, deep voice that occurs in men and, of course, increased muscle tone.

But the main thing is that this hormone directly affects the increase in muscle mass and strength. It is the increase in strength that has caused the use of this hormone in sports.

Its reception allows not only to accelerate muscle growth, but also gives the necessary energy for training. In addition, it significantly reduces the recovery process and reduces idle time. This achieves additional endurance and aggressiveness, which in turn allows you to work more productively.

How to accelerate muscle growth: recommendations

Here are some general recommendations for athletes who have seen muscle growth after six months of training:

  • Change the exercise group you trained with. Although sometimes it helps to replace the order of training muscle groups during training.
  • Increase the number of workouts per week to five by dividing muscle groups into separate days.
  • This means that if you work with your chest today, tomorrow you will only be working with your legs. That is, one muscle group is trained in one day. The training should include at least three to four exercises.
  • Such methods as supersets, pumps, jumps enter the training process.
  • Check your diet. Perhaps it contains few protein products and vitamins.

Negative aspects of testosterone intake

And there are also negative sides to reckon with. Before you start taking drugs that stimulate the production of testosterone, you need to know that its use is contraindicated in adolescents who have not yet reached puberty, whose growth process has not yet ended.

After all, taking testosterone not only stops growth, but also fundamentally changes the basis of sexual development. Therefore, the use of anabolic steroid drugs is contraindicated in people under the age of 20.

Taking anabolic steroids only makes sense if your training experience is at least 3 years old. Until now, there are a lot of fairly effective techniques that will help you gain muscle mass fairly quickly, without using such drugs.